Perfume Bottles

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  • Art Deco Glass Perfume
    Art deco glass perfume, nice chunky faceted base, flower pattern on the stopper, 13.5cm high, no dauber, several small chips on the stopper.
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Blue Glass Art Deco Perfume Bottle
    Art deco vintage perfume bottle, fantastic large round stopper, 17cm high, dauber is broken and there is a chip to the part that fits inside the bottle, otherwise very good condition.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Crystal Perfume Bottle
    Crystal perfume bottle, 5 1/4" high, in excellent condition
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Crystal Perfume with Intaglio Stopper
    Crystal perfume with intaglio stopper which shows a pagoda from the front, heavy faceted base, 5 1/2" high, in excellent condition.
    NZ$ 95.00
  • Etched Pair Amber/Yellow Perfume Bottles
    Hand etched amber/yellow perfume bottles, 5" high, in very good condition with only tiny nibbles on the inside end of the stopper. Price per each.
    NZ$ 95.00
  • German Eel Perfume Bottle
    Very unusual German perfume bottle in the shape of an eel, yellow ceramic, measures 5 1/4" long, marked Germany underneath, and under the word Germany there are some impressed numbers which look like F. 172, excellent condition with no chips or cracks, just the screw stopper at the end missing.
    NZ$ 165.00
  • Green Guilloche Enamel and Sterling Silver Top
    Pump spray perfume, green guilloche enamel and sterling silver top (not the pump part), 9cm high not including the pump, excellent condition
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Victorian Ceramic Floral Perfume Bottle
    Victorian ceramic perfume bottle with floral decoration, 6" high, in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or crazing.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Victorian Hand Painted Toilet Water Bottle
    Victorian hand painted toilet water bottle, square with faceted stopper, grape and leaf pattern, has white bloom on the inside of the glass which does not show in the photograph but is noticeable (although when filled with water it does not show).
    NZ$ 85.00